F.A.S.O. (Faculty of Agriculture Students’ Organization) is the council that represents the students of Agriculture & Food Sciences.  Everyone wonders just what they do so we compiled a list of everyone and their duties below.  Overall F.A.S.O. represents you as a student, and they act under the umbrella of U.M.S.U. (The University of Manitoba’s Student Union).  If you have any concerns or questions, please email us by using our contact page.

Senior Stick: Brian Archibald

Chairs and presides over FASO, Liaison between administration and council

Diploma Stick: Drew Luhowy

Represent the School of Agriculture, sit on Diploma Council, Responsible for Big Dip/ Little Dip and Redneck Olympics

Director Of Communications: Courtney Boyachek

Agendas & minutes for FASO meetings, compile directory of FASO members and publish the Freshie Handbook

Senate Rep: Luke Dojack

Represent FASO on the University of Manitoba Senate and attend meetings of Senate

UMSU Rep: Jake Ayre

Represent FASO at the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) and attend all meetings, conduct all FASO elections and referenda

Vice-Stick Internal: Morgan McCormick

Keeps records of faculty participation points, to chair awards and grad committee, coordinate Big Brother Big Sister

Vice Stick External: Chris Manchur

Member of MIA, organize Career Fair, responsible for inter university relations, organize Aggie Formal Night

Senior Treasurer: Justin Williment

Keep accurate and detailed records of deposits and disbursements from all accounts, maintain a budget, provide financial reports to FASO

Junior Treasurer: Andrew Vercaigne

Learn from Senior Treasurer and move to Senior position in Year 2

Senior Social Rep: Lindsay Verwey

Organize social events, responsible for liquor permits and insurance

Junior Social Rep: Adelle Gervin

Maintain master copy of class lists, learn all from Senior Social Rep and move to Senior position in Year 2

Second Year Degree Rep: Noah de Rocquigny

Make announcements to class, work with job placement officer to make sure all jobs are posted, responsible for bi-annual book trade

First Year Degree Rep: Michelle Edwards

Make announcements to first year degree class, assist with Hoedown Week

1st Year Human Nutritional Science Rep: Chinelo Idafum

Make announcements to first year degree class, assist with Hoedown Week

Second Year Diploma Rep: Brent Cardy

Sit on Diploma Council, make announcements to second year diploma class, maintain trophy case

First Year Diploma Rep: Matt Simard

Make announcements in class for FASO events, upkeep of Aggie lounge

Class Representatives:

Make announcements to their respective classes and be the liaison for related industry organizations, organize meet the faculty BBQ & Spring Clean Up, Assist with Bedpush

Agribusiness – Katharyn Houston

Agronomy – Alex Griffiths

Animal Systems – Patrick LeHeiget

Agroecology – Zack Koscielny

Food Science – Yoni Coodin

Biotech – Melina Audette

Human Nutritional Sciences – Zoe Brenner

Special Events Rep: Jenna Bruneau

Organize Hoedown Week, responsible for Spring Break events as decreed by council, organize two Aggie nights out

Fundraiser: Jordan Randell

Responsible for FASO paraphernalia (shirts, hats, etc), responsible for clothing sales

Publicity Coordinator: Mackenzie Miller

Make posters, monthly calendars & update UMSU TV in the Agriculture Atrium

Athletic Rep: Kristen Timmerman

Responsible for annual spring sporting events, member of intramural sports council, compile record of intramural points, responsible for Golf Night, Aggie All Night Curling & Hoedown Hockey games

International Students Rep: Bestien Goonewardena

Same as Class Reps, help with International Students Night

Barbed Wire Editors (2): Nick Cameron & Michael Fortin

Responsible for Aggie newsletter publication (2 per semester)

Yearbook Editors (2): Erik Nielson & Connor Shirtliff

Responsible for Yearbook publication, photography for Yearbook & newsletters.

Charity Reps (2): Lina Gordon & Stephanie Stinson

Responsible for Bedpush, Head Shave-n-Shine, and other charity events.

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