Speeches: Wednesday March 3, 2020 11:00am in the ag atrium

Voting period: Thursday March 5th 9:00am to Friday March 6th 4:00pm

Voting will be online, link will be emailed out to you and coming to the atrium after to receive a cookie!

First Round


Senior Stick – Shawn Williment

Diploma Stick – Mack Moser

Senate Rep – Graham Cruise

DOC – Corinne Bernard

Second Round




Vice Stick Internal

Julie Sprague

Hello Aggies and Foodies,
My name is Julie Sprague and I am going into my final year of a Human Nutritional Sciences Degrees and am running to be FASO 2020/2021 Vice Stick-Internal. I am a good fit for the Vice stick internal position as I have much experience being on board and committees including :Endowment Committee for two years, Food and Human Nutritional Sciences outreach Committee for the past two years, sat on HNSC curriculum committee, faculty curriculum committee and Faculty council. I been on FASO for the past 3 years as first year HNSC rep, HNSC rep, and Vice stick internal, as well I have been apart of NECO for the past three years as shadow president the first year and co-president the past 2 years. I love being involved in the faculty and would be excited to be vice stick internal for a second year.

Julie Sprague

Vice Stick External

Arielle Williams

Hi, I’m Arielle!

I am in my third year of University, second year in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences’. I am majoring in Animal Systems. I grew up in Winnipeg and spent most of my summers at my families’ beef and grain farm in Saskatchewan. Ever since I can remember, my favourite place to be has been working cows at the farm. If you started school in the 2019-2020 school year, you probably won’t know me, I moved to La Broquerie and worked at HyLife as a Swine Technician for nine months while taking a couple online courses. In 2018-2019, I was the Animal Systems Representative for FASO, sat on curriculum council and program council, and also began an agricultural mental health group on campus.

I am running for Vice Stick External because I would like to improve student life within the Agricultural and Food Sciences’ Faculty – even though it’s pretty great already. Since this will be my fourth year at U of M, I believe I can answer most questions and concerns without hesitation and would be happy to help anyone in our student body. If you have any problems, I will be there to help advocate for you or point you in the right direction to seek help. I hope you vote for me as your 2020-2021 Vice Stick External.


Arielle Williams

Junior Treasurer

Dawson Hiebert

My name is Dawson Hiebert and I’m running to be next years Junior Treasurer for FASO during my third year in the FAFS studying Agribusiness. My interest for this position is to further advance and apply my skills in organizing data along with other bookkeeping. If I was elected for this position it would not only be my responsibility, but also my pleasure to perform these tasks and transactions. I enjoy problem solving and doing so alongside a team, such as the Faculty of Agriculture Student Organization. This is the perfect opportunity and position to demonstrate my ability in this area. Coordinating and balancing numbers for FASO would be an enjoyable way for me to help benefit the student body. I am confident that I hold the necessary qualities that are required in the Junior Treasurer position and I am passionate about this opportunity to join FASO. Whether I make this position or not, my Aggie pride will not be damaged because I support your voice. Don’t forget to vote so your voice is heard!
Dawson Hiebert

Hayley Shirtliff

Hey fellow Aggies!
I’m Hayley and I will be starting the third year of my Agribusiness degree in September and I would love to be apart of FASO. I am running for the position of junior treasurer for the upcoming school year.
I would be a great fit for junior treasurer because I am currently the treasurer for the St. John’s College Student Association here on campus, where I am in charge of creating budgets, approving expenses, and the overall management of the finances so I already have quite a bit of knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a treasurer. As well, I also have great communication and organizational skills which makes working as a team a breeze.
I would love to get involved in the Aggie community and for the reasons above I believe I would be a great fit for the junior treasurer position.

Athletic Representative

Martin Nolan

Hello Aggies!

My name is Martin Nolan, and I am running for the Athletic Representative for FASO for the school year of 2020-21. I am currently in my 3rd year of agribusiness. This past year was my first year on FASO as yearbook editor. I enjoyed FASO with all the events that I got to attend and help out with. This upcoming year I am hoping to take on a more significant role and help plan Aggie golf, Aggie ball hockey tournament, and all-night curling. I believe that I would be good for the Athletic Representative position on FASO because I have a strong interest in planning events and being involved with sports

Thank you,
Martin Nolan

Publicity Co-ordinator

Caitlyn Carkener

Hey Aggies and Foodies, my name is Caitlyn Carkener and I’m super excited to be running for Publicity Co-ordinator! A little about me, I’m in my second year of Animal Systems and this past year I was lucky enough to be the Animal Systems Representative for FASO. I have also been a member of Stockman’s Club for the past two years.
In 2020-2021 I would like to be more involved in FASO. I feel I would be a good fit for Publicity Co-ordinator because I’m very organized, creative and dedicated. I feel like I would really excel in this position as it involves things I already enjoy doing.
Thank you,
Caitlyn Carkener

Junior Clothing Representative

Nicole Yonk

Hey Aggies! My name is Nicole Jonk and I am running for Junior Clothing Representative. I grew up on a potato and grain farm in Bruxelles Manitoba, and this is how I became interested in pursuing agriculture. I am in my second year of Agronomy here in the Faculty of Agriculture. I decided to run for FASO because I would love to get more involved in my faculty and chose Junior Clothing Rep as I have experience with school clothing sales in student councils! I consider myself to be a very organized person and think my experience will be great for FASO and ensuring that the clothing sales run smoothly and on time! I look forward to my upcoming years as an Aggie and all the great opportunities it’ll bring!
Thank you!
Nicole Jonk

Tristan Chambers

Hey Aggies!
My name is Tristan and I will be in my third year of the agronomy program next year.
I am currently running for Junior Clothing Representative position. I am a friendly, energetic, and committed individual who loves to strike up a conversation and meet new people. A little bit about me is that I love to go fishing, go for a run and spend time outdoors. I would make a great Junior Clothing Rep because I am an organized and motivated individual and would love the opportunity to help out with all the Aggie clothing. Hope everyone has a great end to their semester and a great day!
Thank you,
Tristan Chambers

Alexis Neufeld

Hello Aggies,
My name is Alexis Neufeld, and I am running for the Junior Clothing Rep position. This is my first year being involved in Ag. I have enjoyed everything about it so much that I am enrolling into the Faculty of Agriculture in the Fall, where I plan on pursuing a degree in Agribusiness. I am running for this position because I would like to be more involved and have the best Aggie experience throughout the years of completing my degree. I feel I would be a good candidate for this position because I’ve got great organizational skills and have prior experience in retail sales. I am also very outgoing and love to meet new faces!


Elyce Dirks

Hello Aggies and Foodies

My name is Elyce Dirks and I am running to be the Junior Clothing Representative. I am from Manitou, MB and currently in my first year of Ag Diploma and I plan to pursue a degree upon graduation from the diploma program.

I would be a good fit for the junior clothing position because I have clothing order experience and have already been collaborating new ideas. I am organized, proactive and open to new suggestions.

Even though it is only my first year here at the U of M I have worked hard to become involved in the Faculty in many ways such as playing on the Barley Queens hockey team and being active in the aggie lifestyle. (If you’ve been to the NOB on a Thursday you’ve seen me) With that being said I wish to get more involved and I think that FASO would be a great fit.

With all that in mind I hope I can count on your support.

Thank you,
Elyce Dirks

Mwenda Dyck

Hey there, my name is Mwenda Dyck and I’m super excited to be running for FASO. My family farms in Homewood and I’m a first-year dip student. I’ve been loving the strong aggie culture and I hope to keep meeting more great people here at the U of M. I’m good at merchandising and I really like the aggie swag, so much that I hope to make it on FASO as the Junior Clothing Rep to make our gear even better!

UMSU Representative

Bryce Ash

Hello everyone! My name is Bryce Ash and I am running for the UMSU Representative position! I am currently a 4th year Agribusiness student from Gilbert Plains, MB. A few interesting things about me are that I worked with my family as a beekeeper before coming to university, I’m an avid Winnipeg Jets fan, and I lived in the student residences for my first 3 years of university. During my time in residence I became involved in the residence community as an executive member of the Residence Students Association Council (RSAC). While on RSAC I helped plan many events for the residence community, represented students at meetings with the dining hall company that serves the residence students, and had the opportunity to understand the responsibility that being a member of a student organization brings. My involvement with RSAC has inspired me to run in the election to hopefully bring my skills and talents to FASO so that I can represent and advocate for issues important to my fellow aggies!

Senior Social Representative

Holly Adams


I’m Holly, and I will be in my third year of the Agribusiness program next year.
I would be a great Senior Social Rep because I was the Junior Social Rep this past year, so I know how to run a great social! I successfully planned the Howler- if you remember it, although maybe some of you don’t (?), it was a great time!
I have loved being apart of FASO this past year, and I can’t wait for next year’s Bedpush Social and Mock Wedding!

Cheers, Aggies!


Agroecology Represenative

Kaitlyn Waldner

Katelyn graduated from Westwood Collegiate in 2017 and decided to go into the Agroecology program. She has always loved the outdoors and worked at a summer camp during high school. Although she did not grew up on a farm, in the past 5 years her family has started a bison farm in Meleb, MB. This farm is what largely inspired Katelyn to study agriculture, and she is passionate about finding sustainable ways to produce food. In the past year, Katelyn has become more involved in the faculty by joining FASO as the Agroecology Rep. and becoming a student ambassador for the faculty. She has really enjoyed helping out with events and getting to know other people in the faculty, and believes that because of her past experience on FASO, she will do an even better job in the position next year!


Katelyn Waldner

Agronomy Representative

T.J. Instance

Hey everyone! My name is T.J. Instance, I am from Russell, Mb and I am in my 3rd year as an agronomy student here in the faculty of agriculture after completing my diploma, and I will be entering my 4th year next term. I have not been on FASO before, but I want to get much more involved with the student group in my last few years here at the school. This year I am going to run for Agronomy representative because I would like to represent my fellow students in the program and hopefully help new students in the program find their way and with any questions that they may have, as well as letting everyone know about upcoming events that are put on by the student group.
Thank you,
T.J. Instance

Agribusiness Representative

Alex Leslie

Hi my name is Alex Leslie, I’ll say I’m from Poplar Point but when you don’t know where that is I’ll say Oakville, and then…Portage La Prairie. I’ve lived my whole life and worked on a family grain farm where my love for this industry grew. I am running for Agribusiness Rep on Faso again because I enjoy being involved with all that Faso does and being able to voice students opinions to the faculty. This past year I held the Abiz Rep position and was 2nd yr rep before that, as well as being the CAMA rep on ABSA and have made a lot of great friendships through it all. If you see me around feel free to say hi and/or mention any ideas and concerns you have about anything!

Alex Rooke

Hi, I’m Alice Rooke, I am in my first year of the Agribusiness degree program and I am running for the agribusiness Representative position.
I am from a family cattle and grain farm located at Alexander, Mb and I have a strong passion for agriculture.
I am a long-time 4H member, and have held a variety of positions over the years including Club President, Club Secretary and Communications Director. I currently sit on the Manitoba Angus Board of Directors as the Junior Chairperson as well as being a director on the Junior Manitoba Simmental Association. These positions have given me valuable experience and knowledge of how a board and council work, as well as teamwork, public speaking and organization skills.
I love being an Aggie and want to be more involved in my community by being a part of the FASO board!

Food Science Representative

Bill Ryzniczuk

Hello Food Science Students,

I am in my third year of the food science program , and I would like to continue to be your student representative on FASO. In addition to keeping you informed on events going on within the faculty, my goal as your student representative is to create opportunities for food science students to expand their skills knowledge and career opportunities outside of the classroom. With a professional and educational background in culinary arts and meat processing, and as a current student member of the research chefs association, a past student member of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, I enjoy creating opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to practical applications and future careers.

Human Nutritional Sciences Representative

Mollie Nolan

Hi Aggies and Foodies!!

My name is Mollie Nolan, and I’m from Dauphin, MB. I am in my first year of Human Nutritional Sciences and am very excited to be running for the position of Human Nutrition Rep for 2020-2021! I was lucky enough to be a part of FASO this year, with my main role being the yearbook editor. I would make a great Human Nutrition Rep because I am a very sociable person and I am very open-minded when it comes to hearing new ideas! I am also looking forward to being more involved with FASO, and this role would be a perfect fit. My main focus would be to unite the Foodies and Aggies as one. I hope you put me into consideration when voting! Thank you!

Plant Bio-Tech Representative

Alexa Peterson

Second Year Degree Representative

Eric Bossuyt

Hello Aggies!
My name is Eric Bossuyt and I am running for the 2nd Year Degree Rep position. This is my first year attending the U of M and I am currently enrolled in the Agribusiness program as well as being the 1st Year Degree Rep. This past year I was very happy with the decision I made to join FASO, being a FASO member helped me get to know a lot of people in the faculty as well as help me get involved within the faculty. I have made the decision to run for the 2nd year degree rep position because I believe I will do a good job of representing the needs of the degree students in the faculty.

Eric Bossuyt

Second Year Diploma Representative

Steve Boutin

Hi, my name is Steven Boutin, and I am running for the Second Year Diploma representative position. I am from a grain farm in southern Saskatchewan, and I’ve always liked working on the farm. Because of this, I came to the School of Agriculture to deepen my knowledge of agriculture, and my time here so far has been fantastic. I’m running for this position because I’m interested in serving the needs of diploma students to council, and to participate in the great sense of community the Aggies have built here at the University.